MrMartin is the stage name of Remco van der Schans (24-02-1989). This born musician, sports fanatic and multi-entrepreneur now dedicates all his energy to the next step in his musical career.

Early years

Already as a five-year old, Remco plays the guitar and sings. His much older brothers teach him to play. They are musicians and one of his brothers now is his producer. Since his 5th, Remco regularly participates in their gigs and since his 7th he starts to write songs. From the age of twelve his musical involvement becomes more serious. When Remco is 20 years of age, he moves to England, where he works in a hotel and regularly provides a musical intermezzo on parties. His performances are popular and on one night he hears someone yell: ‘MrMartin has to play!’. Since then, this is his stage name under which he performs all over England.


After returning to the Netherlands, Remco in 2015 establishes Rascal, a pop-rockband that with original songs and covers for six years is quite successful in venues in the pop circuit and festivals. The corona pandemic means a forced recess, which Remco uses to consider his musical future.


The result of the corona recess: since August 2021 Remco goes solo as Gentlebadboy MrMartin. With hundreds of songs in his backpack, his pitch perfect raw voice and his organizational talents – Remco also is successful as an entrepreneur – he wants to introduce his music to the general public. Remco’s musical style: catchy, poppy, lyrics taken from real life and lots of ‘real instruments’. His stage presence: unbridled energy, a genuine connection with the public and above all: entertaining! Because Gentlebadboy MrMartin is extravert, a bit eccentric, colorful with a touch of bad boy. During his gigs he invites the public to join him in these qualities, because: are they not in everyone? And then… the big bad party begins. With his energetic appearance, MrMartin easily fills the large stages.

The songs

Since his earliest childhood, Remco wants to touch people with his songs. To indulge in when you feel good, to be of help in troubled times. Remco has lived a turbulent life and translates his experiences and feelings into themes that everybody relates to and can fill in personally. MrMartin songs make contact and before you know it, they become a precious part of your life. And that is exactly the point!

Musically, MrMartin songs are accessible, but never banal. Remco loves authentic instruments, played by real musicians. Supported by a juicy beat, so that they can take the listener on an emotional journey. Sensitive ballads complete the repertoire of MrMartin.


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